“I want to learn how to read and understand the Bible so that I can get to know God”

At EQUIP4Life, our main focus is the Bible. This is the only textbook we use during the year – and you will read more in the Bible than you have ever done in your life. It does not matter if you are an inexperienced or experienced Bible reader, since together we will learn to study, understand and live out the Bible’s life-changing message. You will learn to study the Bible based on the historical and literary context in which the texts were written. We observe what the texts say and let the Bible shape our faith, not based on preconceived ideas. We learn to interpret the texts so we understand what they meant to the first recipients. We are trained to apply the message of the Bible to our lives, so that the words of the Bible become visible and real in us and through us. The subject “To Read and Understand the Bible” does not primarily refer to knowledge of Bible studies, but to training in Bible studies. The goal is that after a year at EQUIP4Life you have fallen in love with the Bible and its main character!

Examples of topics: The Authority and Credibility of the Bible, The Grande Narrative of the Bible, How to Study the Bible, Philippians, 2nd Corinthians, The Gospels, Genesis and Exodus, Job, Song of Songs, Ezekiel, The Prophets, Romans, Hebrews, 1st and 2nd Timothy.



“I want to understand the foundation of my faith so that i can share it with others and defend it”

When we study the texts of the Bible together, we also focus on the basics of the Christian faith. We learn about God, man, sin, salvation and God’s vision for the world and our own role in it. The goal is that after a year at EQUIP4Life you have a deeper understanding of your faith that allows you to happily share it with others and can with boldness explain it.

Examples of topics: The Attributes and Character of God, Creation and Science, Humanity, Evil and Sin, Jesus – God and Man, The Cross and Atonement, The Resurrection, The Spirit and the Work of the Spirit, The Return of Christ, The New Creation.



“I want to understand what it means to be Jesus disciple and how to follow him”

Following Jesus means becoming more like him. You become like the one you hang out with. Thus, discipleship is first and foremost about getting to know Jesus more every day. We get to know Jesus by spending time in God’s word, in prayer, in fellowship with one another, and as we share him with others. Therefore, we start each morning in the classroom with over an hour of Bible reading, prayer and worship where you are trained both to take your own time with God, but also to pray together and to pray for others. The goal is that after a year at EQUIP4Life, you have new daily routines for prayer and Bible reading, are comfortable praying for others and consciously strive to become more like Jesus every day.

Examples of topics: A Life of Prayer, Worship, Devotion, Bible Meditation, Bible Memorization, How to Share Jesus Stories, Integrity and Character, Relationships.



“I want to understand the world so that i can reach and change the world”

As we get to know God through his word and the love he has for us, we also get a renewed love for the people around us. We understand that every human being is created in the image of God with infinite value. God’s love applies to every individual in every family, village, city, region, nation and continent. But for God’s love to embrace every human being, it needs to be made known. Jesus was sent into the world to make the love of God known to all mankind, and he sends us as his co-workers into the world with the same mission! At EQUIP4Life, your worldview will be challenged and your heart will be touched when you are trained by teachers who are committed and strategically working to fulfill the mission Jesus has given us. The goal is that after a year at EQUIP4Life you are driven by God’s love to reach the world!

Examples of topics: Mission Strategy, DMM (Disciple Making Movement), Church History, World Religions, World Views.