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Do you want to read and understand the Bible?

Do you want to study the Bible with students from different parts of the world?

Do you want to do it in an international environment on a strategic Mediterranean island?

The Application form for Equip international bible school, school year 21/22 opens 29 december 2020




Download the application or contact for more info/help.

Welcome to EQUIP International School of Biblical Training in Cyprus. This Bible School focuses on studying the Bible in an international environment, becoming established in the Christian faith and shaped as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The standard of teaching will be high, with both national and international Bible teachers and speakers. As a student, you will study the Bible based on an established study method, with the goal of becoming a passionate Bible reader who understands what you are reading. The primary purpose of your study will be to have an in-depth relationship with the central figure of the Bible.

The Bible school is strategically based in the city of Limassol in the south of Cyprus, which means that we will take some very interesting class trips to countries in the area. In the autumn we will travel to Israel, and in the spring we will travel to another country (the destination will be known to the students in the autumn of 2021). Every trip will have a specific purpose and focus and will be an important part of what we wish to impart to you during your year at EQUIP. The school welcomes students from different parts of the world, which means that all teaching will be in English. Apply today for a life-changing year at EQUIP – International School of Biblical Training!