EQUIP International School of Biblical Training starts at the beginning of September 2020 with a kick-off at a camp in the mountains of Cyprus. The academic year ends at the end of May 2021. Christmas leave is about 3 weeks and separates the two terms. Exact dates for the academic year are coming soon.


EQUIP costs 1,600 Euro per semester to cover the cost of class trips, insurance and certain course literature etc. The cost includes food and lodging at the kick-off. The cost is 500 Euro per semester if you won’t participate in the class trips.


We arrange accommodation for all students who attend the Bible School.  The rent is 300 Euros per month per student and it includes electricity, water and wifi. Other costs are living expenses such as food, clothes, and amusements. A monthly bus card costs 40 Euro (20 Euro if you can show an international student card).


You will pay for transportation to and from Cyprus, and book these trips on your own. Travel to Israel and travel to the other country we will visit, are included in the larger school fee and covers the cost of travel, accommodation and guided tours.


Cyprus is part of the EU, and therefore students who are citizens of an EU country do not need a VISA. You are entitled to settle in another country in the EU. However, when you arrive in Cyprus, you will need to register with the Cypriot Migration Board if your stay is longer than 3 months. The cost of registration is approximately 120 Euro. The administration of EQUIP will help students with this registration so that they are made within 3 months from the date of arrival to Cyprus. If you have citizenship in countries outside the EU, it is important that you check what rules apply to you. We are able to help students from several (but not all) non-EU countries to apply for registration. The cost of registration for non-EU citizens is approximately 300-350 Euro.

CSN (ONLY APPLICABLE FOR students from SWEDen, and some other scandinavian countries)

The course is CSN eligible for Swedish students, which means that you can apply for both grants and loans to study at EQUIP if you meet the terms of study. Read more about the specific rules that apply to folk high school courses here: For students from other Scandinavian countries, you need to check out how it works in your country, since this is a course in the Swedish educational system.