The teaching is solid and maintain high standards. The main focus is learning to read and understand the Bible. Other subjects are Systematic Theology, Church history, Discipleship and Leadership.


Books of the Bible will be studied based on a method which takes its starting point in the historical context of the books. We will observe what the texts say and allow the Bible to shape our faith, not assuming preconceived ideas. We will learn to interpret the texts so we can understand what they meant to the first recipients. We will train to apply the Bible’s message to our lives so that the word of the Bible becomes visible and real in us and through us. The topic “To read and understand the Bible” is not just meant to give you knowledge of how to study the Bible, but to train you to actually study the Bible. Some of the books of the Bible that will be studied during the year are Proverbs, the Gospel of Mark, the Acts of the Apostles, Ephesians and Philippians. A year at EQUIP will make you fall in love with the Bible and its central figure Jesus Christ!

Examples of topics: Overview of the Old Testament, Overview of the New Testament, Reading and Understanding the Bible, Historical Grammatical Bible Study Method, Study of selected books of the Bible


As we study the texts of the Bible, we will also study basic systematic theology. We will study the attributes and character of God, Jesus – God and man, the Spirit and the work of the Spirit, etc. It is of greatest importance that we can both understand and defend our faith.

Examples of topics: The Attributes and Character of God, Creation and Humanity, Evil and Sin, Jesus – God and Man, The Cross and Atonement, The Spirit and the Work of the Spirit, The Church, The Return of Christ, The Resurrection, Judgment and The New Creation


We live in a global world where we are constantly influenced by movements around us. In order to understand these movements, we also need to be rooted in our history. Therefore, all students will get an overview of the church’s development – from the apostles’ time to today – with a specific focus on the revival movements. In addition, we will also focus on world religions and missions. Church history is still happening – and you can be a part of it!

Examples of topics: Church History, Missions, Church Planting, World Religions


As believers, we are called to discipleship – a life as followers of Jesus Christ. To live in the world, but not of the world, is the challenge of discipleship. To deepen our relationship with Christ and grow as believers is the center of discipleship. Our faith is seen in the way we live our lives and the way we relate to one another. Being trustworthy and living a life of integrity and character are fundamental qualities we wish to develop during the Bible school year.

We want to challenge you to pursue a life that is practical, both in relation to God and other people, through all the circumstances of life. Let yourself be challenged and shaped more like Christ during the year – a year that will shape the rest of your life!